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It’s All in The Details

Led by owner Jennifer Hamelet, Mirador Builders specializes in building new luxury homes including speculative and custom homes, as well as home remodeling and preservation within the Houston Inner Loop. Mirador Builders is a full service custom home firm offering architecture, landscaping, swimming pools and interior design services.


Mirador builds inside or near loop 610 in areas that are expected to hold or appreciate in value such as River Oaks, West University, and Afton Oaks.

We try to keep an inventory of custom homes and will custom build or assist with a preservation or remodeling project.

Mastering Details & Craftsmanship

Mirador Builders has been dedicated to building and renovating luxury homes for over 20 years. We’re immersed in every project from the design phase, on-site coordination during construction as well our involvement with finishing touches for each completed home or renovation project.

As one of the top luxury home builders in Houston, we are proud to present our completed homes to show the level of detail and craftsmanship that go into every project.

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Mirador means “a resting place on the side of a mountain.” Mirador Builders strives to design and build its custom homes to be a refuge from the outside world, a place to relax and rest.

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